Multi Topic essay for BA English

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What is a ‘multi topic essay’?

A multi topic essay is one that contains many ideas about different topics of similar kind. In university level examinations, the candidates have almost always to write a general essay on a topic that is an issue. Since the issues are of general kind, affecting the public on a large scale, their causes, effects and remedies are also similar. Therefore, they can be covered in a multi topic essay. It is for this reason that we have prepared a multi topic essay for BA English students.

Why is a ‘multi topic essay for BA English’ examinations important for students in Pakistan?

General essay is one of the key questions for the students appearing in BA/BSc examinations of various universities of not only Punjab but also of other provinces of Pakistan. There are a large number of topics for a general essay on which a candidate has to express his views. But considering our socio-economic conditions, a large number of students cannot find time to prepare essays on all the expected topics. As a result, there remains a chance of their missing an important part worth at least 25 marks. In such situations a multi topic essay for BA examinations may prove of great help.


A multi topic essay is a highly recommended item for the students with little time for preparation. But the candidate must apply it with great caution. There is many a multi topic essay for BA English, but it does not ensure success because of similarity of content. The examiners are shrewd enough to trace out if it were a multi topic essay. It is going to have a negative impression of your overall paper. Write something different that the examiner may not apprehend as formula.

What we offer as a ‘multi topic essay for BA Part II English’ examinations to ensure your success

For the students appearing for BA English examinations,  we have given below a general multi topic essay for BA English. This multi topic essay is in pdf format. It is going to help students a lot. At the same time, we suggest that the student should try to make some additions to the content of this general essay so that his own views on the given topic may find a proper space in the essay.

multi topic essay for BA English

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